Wednesday, September 18, 2013

we've missed you, california

first road trip with 5 little kids. very relaxing. 

over the past couple of years, i've learned that there are ways to attract attention to yourself and your twins, and there are ways to blend into the crowd and avoid strangers asking you a lot of questions. if it's a day where you want to feel popular, meet new people, and chat with strangers, simply dress them alike and put them in a side-by-side stroller. if you have to get stuff done, have a time deadline, or are having a bad hair day and want to blend into the crowd to avoid extra attention, then dress them differently, do their hair differently, and put them in a tandem stroller, or split up if possible. this setup says "we want to talk to everyone who is at disneyland today!"

2 little girls finally made it to the privileged height of 42 inches.

breanne is totally holding hands with that big guy next to her!

ha ha.

meanwhile, one little girl who was not quite tall enough to join her sisters got to go on equally adrenaline rush-inducing rides such as winnie the pooh.

uncle wes came along to help make the trip with 5 littles possible, and to meet as many princesses and fairies as possible. we still haven't found belle. maybe next time?

sophie and breanne having an intense argument over something very important, i'm sure. this terribly slow and dumb ride seems to put everyone who rides it in a testy mood. especially jeff. 

meanwhile, back at the house, we discovered a new spice on the spice rack:

the girls thought it was really fun to stay in a different house.

a humungous coloring/homework table. that's what i would have in my dream house.

soren was particularly fond of the many mirrors in the house. i found him kissing his reflection several times. maya made the mistake of running down a hallway that was actually a mirror reflecting a hallway. 

swimming every day:

upon arriving home, i plopped the boys down on the other side of the room from their toy box. it took them a second to re-acclimate, then they promptly zipped over to have a joyous reunion with the beloved toy box. eli actually dove in.

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7aura7 said...

You crack me up :) That picture of the twins' terrified faces is priceless. You probably bring so much happiness with your troop of twins, Disneyland really should let you in for free.