Monday, September 30, 2013

boyz turn 1

we survived the first year of twins! again. these two are so very different from each other, it's so fun to see how they are individually and how they interact together in their little twinship.

Eli (blue eyes) at age 1 hates wearing clothes. he has been able to take off his diaper since he was just a couple months old. he has now successfully taken off socks, pants, diapers, and shirts. yipee.

he is active, destructive, curious, and fast. he seems to be always trying to figure out how stuff works. every time we unzip his pjs to change a diaper, he is watching carefully, and then grabs the top snap, and very seriously tries to piece it back together with the other side. i have a feeling he will end up like his older twin sisters, with diapers duct-taped shut, and wearing pjs that have the feet cut out of them so that we can put them on backwards and inside-out. 

embarrassed by mom:

baby brother soren (brown eyes) at age 1 is my little mama's boy. he still get scared of people he doesn't know well. he is my most tender baby, and is very serious. he loves finding different toys in the toy room, and taking them out to the hall to see what different noises they make when they are dropped. his brother is running, and he is still content crawling and taking it easy. he likes to observe longer before getting involved in anything, unlike his spazzy compulsive brother.

these two are so fun to observe together. eli is definitely the bully in the twinship. he is blissfully unaware that he is bullying, and doesn't do it for a reaction. he pushes and grabs toys from soren, who doesn't fight back. yet. 

they think they're big tough boys, but i still catch them holding hands like the used to every once in a while:

one of the unique experiences of having twins is seeing two siblings interact and laugh together while both at such a young age. soren started a little game of sniffing like a dog while eating, and eli started copying. they do it seriously until they crack up laughing at themselves. i love it when they are just exploring the house and i hear them giggling together. doggy sniffing faces:

soren cracking up and eli still sniffing:

on their birthday, we had plans to maybe go to the farm to celebrate, but it snowed! sept 27th:

we stayed in instead and let the boys pull as many wipes out as they wanted: that seemed to be good enough for them! happy birthday, buddies. 

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Pattie Moss said...

They are adorable. And they sound perfectly unique too. How fun it must be....and tiring...and fun...