Tuesday, December 4, 2012


one of the downsides of having 5 little ones so close together is i feel like i'm always missing out on something. they all still need so much attention from mom and dad. unfortunately, i can't really give them each as much mama attention as they should get. luckily we've had the second best thing- a lot of attention and help from family and neighbors. jeff proposed taking the girls on a surprise trip to disneyland. i reeeally wanted to go with them and spend time having fun with the girls. it wasn't really an option with two nursing babies. so once again, i felt like i was missing out, and knew my girls were going to think their mom was a party-pooper, while their dad was the coolest dad in the world.  they were gone for a week. it just wasn't fair, so i did the best i could manage, left the babies and some frozen milk with my mom, and flew down one morning to spend six hours with them before flying back that evening. crazy, but i'm glad i did it. my good friend, the pump, came with me as my carry-on. (nursing twins is working this time. i'm not sure why. i didn't have very high expectations for it after the first time.)


jeff's cousin kirsten and her daughter june joined them. june and maya were born the same month. i love their faces while on the teacups:

jeff's aunt teresa came too. i was glad he met up with them, because i would worry like crazy about him taking the 3 girls alone:

mama made it!

mater, mama, maya:

maya yelled, "bye, bippity boppity boo!" after their encounter with the fairy godmother:

good to see a lot of the characters out. last year i swear we only ever saw geppetto. how many little girls are going to be this enchanted upon meeting geppetto? sorry, geppetto. we actually hate you and think you're creepy. maya was especially enchanted:

i stayed at my parents' house during the week with these 2. they helped decorate gwamma's house for christmas, and filled the air with christmas cheer. and by christmas cheer, i mean stinky bubbles. nice work, boys. 

 the girls got to go to san diego and seaworld for a day with nonna, papa and june:

i really wish i could have been with them. i haven't been there since i was little. 

i told sophie i missed her when they came home. sophie informed me that i'm not in her family any more, and that she has a new family. i laughed about it. ha ha ha, that silly little sophie and her crazy ideas. however, as i was scrolling through photos they took in california, this one gave me pause:

speaking of stuff sophie says...the 4 year olds are getting smarter, figuring out that people confusing them can be to their advantage.

casey: "sophie, you need to clean up the teddies."
sophie: "i'm not sophie, i'm breanne!"
casey to jeff: "sophie's lying!"
sophie: "i'm not lying!"

busted. so they are figuring out that they can trick people, but obviously need to perfect their deception skills.

poor eli and soren won't ever get to try this. eli's eyes are turning blue, and i can see some light blond hair just starting to grow. soren's eyes seem to be turning brown, and i'm not sure about his hair. for now, it remains dark, and i don't see any blond growing anywhere. that would be a great example of fraternal twins. also, eli looks like voldemort sometimes when he gets mad. should we be concerned?

for a while the girls were responding to instructions from me and jeff with "but..bla bla bla..." always saying "but," and giving an excuse for why they couldn't do something. so i told them, "no buts!" they like to tell each other "no buts!" when they hear the other say it. sophie scolded breanne the other night for saying "but," and naturally breanne responded with,  "but, i'm not saying but!" i love eavesdropping on their conversations. it usually makes me laugh.


The Winkels said...

I am so glad you got to go for one day at least! That last "family" picture cracked me up!

Lesley said...

I don't know how you do it, you super woman you. Seriously. You rock. The 2 kids I have that are 4 1/2 years apart wear me out! Plus you look so cute in your Disney Land picture!

Pattie said...

You such a good mama. All those things you want to do and just never can get to it... and you DID IT! That's a huge one! I'm very proud of you. You are doing an amazing huge job very well Casey! Lucky kiddos.