Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of july

on our flights home from russia, one of the movies available to watch was madagascar 3. both girls watched it, and we noticed some eery parallels between the movie and their current activities. we saw the circus in moscow...the next day we were in new york...the next day watching fireworks for the 4th of july. creepy. this has left us curious to see what madagascar 4 will hold.  

our hoa does a 4th of july party:

we attempted to watch fireworks from the deck, however jetlag prevailed. sophie fell asleep before it started, and i think breanne made it through 1 firework before she slumped over. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

big twins' russian adventure

we made it! bring on the cyrillic!

we arrived with just enough time to make it to sacrament meeting. after church we walked to tsaritsyno park where a palace that she never used was built for catherine the great. 

breanne's new love: cherry juice.

playing in fountains at the bolshoi:

st. basil's, red square, the kremlin, the works...

a free pass from a restaurant to use the bathroom. it's easy to forget how free and available bathrooms and water are at home!

grandpa had a surprise - a little squirrel that copies everything you say. the girls named him "nutty." nutty was in charge of babysitting the teddies they brought while we were out. nutty did a terrible job - they always got into all the m&m's when nutty was babysitting.

tic tac toe with nonna:

lunch at pushkin cafe with jeff's dad's coworkers. his parents spent a year and a half in moscow doing volunteer legal work for the lds church. it was neat to see what their moscow life was like:

the area of moscow where nonna and papa lived had a surprising amount of open green space and parks. awesome parks:

well, mostly awesome, until you see this. nightmares for all:

the girls were fascinated with the beautiful and efficient (but sometimes dangerous, as we saw on the news yesterday) metro. breanne was looking out the windows at a stop, and when we started to leave, she started giggling. i looked out the window to see what was so funny, and there was a young man running full speed alongside the train, with arms swinging up to his head, while making silly faces at her.

too many choices:

little treasures:

the girls loved the moscow circus.  it was such a treat:

goodbye, russia. looks like i'll be standing for the 9 hour plane ride back to jfk...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

attempting to leave new york

after new york, the next stop was moscow! it was just a bit rough getting there. first attempt:

2 hours into our flight, the pilot announces that we're turning back to jfk. awesome. a quick look out the window shows that fuel is being dumped from the wings. we circle for about an hour over long island and land again at jfk. we wait on the plane to see if we'll be able to turn around and go again, but end up deplaning. after waiting for hours in the terminal, delta gives us a hotel at 1am with one queen bed for the 4 of us, and tells us to be back the next morning to try the flight again. after a refreshing 5 hours of sleep, we do the whole jfk thing again, get on the plane with a bunch of grumpy bleary-eyed russians, make it to second in line on the runway, aaaandd.....get to turn back to the airport to stare at this screen for 2 more hours. doh. 

when that plane finally took off, there were cheers. thankfully, there were no serious issues preventing the voyage from happening, but also stupidly, THERE WERE NO SERIOUS ISSUES preventing the voyage from happening. the reason delta wasted so much time and money on this flight was because of a screw in the door between the cockpit and cabin prevented the door (which was fine when we took off) from locking properly 2 hours into the flight. flying in a plane is amazing- i am in awe every time, but the whole airport and flying experience is so incredibly arbitrarily dumb now. 

i think the excitement of travel may have been a bit soured for these 2:

but we finally got to go!

big twins visit new york

there was a surprise for the 5 year olds too! here we go! 

sophie and breanne were very excited to play with cousins that we don't get to see very often.

cousins max and julie just moved from manhattan to pelham.

"uptown to grand central station, down to city hall...

we improves our circulation, walking till we fall!"



la pizza! nom nom.

 breanne and max having a heated debate over the perplexities of m&m color combinations.

the m&m store brings out some smiles.

times square

playing with cousins

we love our cousins!